Flip the Media: Seattle Movers and Shakers

I've interviewed a bunch of killer artists and entrepreneurs doing amazing work here in Seattle - click through any of the below to see more.

Geek Writing: Comics Reviews at TrekMovie.com

I'm a regular comics reviewer over at TrekMovie.com - a leading Star Trek news and reviews website. Check out my reviews of a recent Star Trek comics series, The Q Gambit, below.

Technical Writing: Welcome to eDiscovery

In my ever funky legal career, I've spent a bunch of time in eDiscovery as a database administrator and, more recently, in marketing. "What's eDiscovery" you ask? Good question - think of it as a field geared around using analytics and big data just like any other field these days, but specifically targeting use of the data and insights for lawsuits. Wanna know more? Well, by all means, check out some more of my writing on the subject....